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I used to work in the middle of nowhere in Gaithersburg, which meant if there was an event I wanted to be on time for in DC, I had to suck it up and take the metro all the way from the end of the red line. While most people would keep busy with music, a book, a nap–normal stuff–I liked to find alternative ways to amuse myself. Namely, conversations with strangers.

One day (a few years back) I was getting ready to transfer from the red to the green line for a Nationals game when there he was–a silver fox standing three rows away from me. As fate would have it, the seat beside me cleared and I gave him a subtle smirk and narrowing of my eyes towards the empty seat, as if to say, “It’s all yours, big boy.”

Somehow this worked, but I was only one stop stop away from my destination. The silver fox had enough time to comment on the bandaid tattoo on my knee before I left his life forever.

Or so he probably thought.

The next day at work I put up a Craigslist Missed Connection (something I’ve never done) for “The Older Guy On the Metro Who Commented on My Tattoo.”

To the older guy on the metro who commented on my tattoo – w4m – 25 (Red Line Near ChinaTown)

age : 25 hair : blonde

You asked me how I was and commented on the tattoo above my knee (if you see this, tell me what the tattoo was so that I know it’s you!).That’s pretty much how our brief conversation went (I had to get off at the next stop, Gallery Place, unfortunately), but here’s how I wanted it to go:

Hot older guy: Hi.
Me: Hi.
Hot older guy: I like you.
Me: I like you, too.
Hot older guy: Wanna make out sometime?
Me: Yup.
Hot older guy: Wanna go to Taco Bell after?
Me: Yup.

I’m blonde and was dressed very patriotically (was on my way to the Nat’s game).

Responses included:

  • It’s super rare that a girl in DC would be happy hanging out at taco bell. 🙂
  • Taco Bell? Really. The quesarito is surprisingly good. I hope you find him.
  • Why can’t something like you describe happen to me!!?? I’m Latin, 42 if you are interested in showing me your tattoo…for starters!
  • Did he reply? How tall are you?
  • Hi, if you don’t find your hot older guy, would you be interested in another possibly hot older guy?
  • I wish I was your hot older guy on the Metro, because I totally would have taken the conversation in your fantasy direction. Handsome professional with a twinkle in his eye who would love to meet a pretty girl with a sexy tat. Taco bell afterwards would be swell as well. Shall we?
  • older guy here happy to help if he doesnt answer….
  • First off, I am not your Metro MC. And yes, I realize this is quasi-creepy to reply to you, but I wanted to tell you that I have met two people through CL Missed Connections over the years and I am holding out hope for you. 🙂
  • u sound like a freak and i love a freak.. im 44 black m.. i will take u to taco bell .. or Nats game ..but def making out is the key..llol
  • I just saw your ad in craigslist on missed connections…and I really wanted to comment. I’m not the guy you spoke to on the metro, but I wanted to tell you I totally got a chuckle out of your “wished-for” conversation. I’ve always wished I could have a similar conversation with a lovely woman some day–especially if she has a sense of humor, as you obviously do… (and you could see past a man’s age.)  Now, that’s rare. Its a pity to miss connections like that, but your post proves that once in a great while, “other party” has the same mental conversation.Thanks for that.
  • Did he ever contact you? I need to start chatting more with the young hotties on the Metro since it seems like some of them are into hot, older guys. Ciao.
  • Hello, I’m probably not the guy you are seeking… but I ride the red line all the time, and I’m older, and love making out, and Taco Bell!  If you are interested in meeting me, please write back!

Some of the responses included pictures. Surprisingly only one included porn to “excite me while I waited.”


I received this response.

Well, your posting was certainly a nice surprise.

I am 90 percent certain that I was the Red LIne “older guy” whom you seek. And, though I can’t recall the kind of tattoo, I’ve attached a photo of myself that should be helpful in deciding whether I’m the guy. (The photo is itself 5 years old.)

If I am, then please contact me. Of course, you can trash this if I’m not the guy.

Again, though, pretty sure it’s me.

Aaaaand we’ve been dating ever since.

Just kidding he was the Craigslist Killer a creep like 99% of the people I meet through Craigslist. The 1%? A nice married, newly pregnant couple in Alexandria I bought a small couch from.

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